Upon entry of the studio and attendance of studio classes, the terms and conditions apply at all times. Upon membership with S Reformer Pilates you must adhere to the Terms and Conditions. Enquiry with us to for any uncertainty. These terms and conditions are for all members of the studio and any guests to the studio. A copy of the terms and conditions will be made available both online and in physical copy in our studio.


  • All membership types have to be paid upfront
  • There is a strict no refund policy
  • Membership will continue to renew every 3 months unless we are notified in writing of wanting to terminate
  • Termination of membership will be immediate; their will be no refunds for future booked classes with not attendance. Please give a maximum 2 weeks in advance notice. Termination of your membership results in cancellation of any benefits and studio facilities of S Reformer Pilates. All termination notices need to be written to us in a physical copy.
    • Termination on your behalf –membership will be cancelled after the last booked class payment.
      • You can terminate your membership on medical reasons, of which you need to inform us in writing and any membership fees will only be charged for any outstanding fees. Membership will be terminated.
    • Termination from unsatisfactory service – If you feel as an individual that we breached our obligations under the agreement of terms and conditions and we have not amended the breach within a reasonable time you shall notify us of this unsatisfactory service through writing and your fees will be calculated on any outstanding fees you owe the studio. Otherwise, membership will be terminated immediately.
    • Termination from S Reformer Pilates. We reserve the right to terminate your membership with the studio if you fail to follow our terms and conditions. You will be notified via email and in writing of a failure to act within the terms and conditions, continued disobedience will result in termination of your membership. Payments will only be taken for any outstanding fees owed to the studio.
  • S Reformer Pilates reserves the right to increase or decrease payments. In this situation all members will be notified. Changes to memberships will be given in minimum 14 days. We will notify members via email with a date of change. Memberships will be changed on the date announced and payments will be changed on that day. Any members who have purchased an annual membership will not be affected.
  • Payment for Membership – Must be read along with our Privacy Policy.
    • Any payments that are late or rejected is under your responsibility to make sure that there is enough money in your nominated account of the usual payment day. The bank fees that are charged to us because of a rejection of payment from the bank will be charged to you from us. Any payments that remain in outstanding should be agreed that unless we breached our terms and conditions we will continue to debit the account for total amount due without notice to you. If the amount owing is substantial for 2 or more due payments we will contact you.
    • We do not take any responsibility from your bank or direct debit provider or any third party provide that provides debit services. Their terms and conditions separate to the agreement between you and S Reformer Pilates.
  • Agreement to Membership starts from the moment payment is processed. This is an agreement between the individual and the studio, you have to adhere to the terms and conditions at all time.
  • We can cater to any situation to ‘freeze’ or ‘suspend’ membership for example, holiday purpose or illness. Please give us a Maximum 1-week notice. Your membership will be suspended and payment will be suspended within the suspension period.
  • The agreement between S Reformer Pilates and the individual starts at first payment.
  • TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS – From the first payment and your attendance first class you will be entitled to any benefits and use of the facilities of the studio. As a member you are entitled to our different memberships:
    • Bronze Pack – $29 per week, 1 Class per week. Recommended for individuals who can attend 1 Reformer Class per week.
      • Payment will be debited every 2 weeks (fortnightly)
      • No lock in contract
      • Minimum one-week advance notice if you want to cancel your membership
      • Rewards available for any 80 classes you attend
      • $5 off discount if you and a friend join together. Does not have to be the same membership.
      • Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions on our S Reformer Website
    • Silver Pack – $49 per week, 2 classes a week. Recommended for individuals who are able to attend two classes per week
      • Payment will be debited every 2 weeks (fortnightly)
      • No lock in contract
      • Minimum one-week advance notice if you want to cancel your membership
      • Rewards available for any 80 classes you attend
      • $5 off discount if you and a friend join together. Does not have to be the same membership.
      • Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions on our S Reformer Website
    • Platinum Pack – $79 per week, unlimited classes. Gives the individual unlimited classes in the week
      • Payment will be debited every 2 weeks (fortnightly)
      • No lock in contract
      • Minimum one-week advance notice if you want to cancel your membership
      • Rewards available for any 80 classes you attend
      • $5 off discount if you and a friend join together. Does not have to be the same membership.
      • Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions on our S Reformer Website
    • Introductory Pack – Recommend this class for individuals who want to seek and try out S Reformer Pilates. 6 Classes for $66. You’ll have the chance to attend any 6 reformer classes within 2 weeks.
      • Only valid for 2 Weeks
      • 6 Classes only
      • One off payment
      • Please attend 1 Introductory Class as your first class if you are new to Reformer Pilates.
      • $5 off discount if you and a friend join together. Does not have to be the same membership.
      • Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions on our S Reformer Website


  • Class bookings are essential and must be made through the MindBody app, S Reformer Pilates App, or the S Reformer Pilates website.
  • You can join the waitlist for a class if it is fully booked, and if any cancellations occur, you will be notified up to two hours before the class starts. If you add yourself to a waitlist, you are agreeing to the commitment of attending that class if a spot is available. You must remove yourself from the waitlist if you no longer wish to attend
  • If a class gets cancelled – you will be notified via email, with no cost penalisation for the class. 
  • Changing or cancelling a class must be done through MindBody, the S Reformer Pilates App, or our website. Calling, text or email is not a valid form of cancellation. 
  • A class must have a minimum of 2 participants to run. S Reformer Pilates reserves the right to cancel a class at their discretion. You will be contacted by either phone or email at least 2 hours before the commencement of the class. You will not be charged and your session will be re-credited to your account. 
  • We hold the right to change scheduled instructors.
  • If the individual cancels a class – Under Mindbody App and Studio terms you will get free cancellation within the notice of 6 hours, you will not be penalised on cost. If you cancel a class in less than 6 hours you will be given a $15.00 cancellation fee
  • Arrive 5-10minutes before class
  • Late arrival by 15 minutes, the instructor has a right of refusal 
  • No classes will be booked on Christmas Day (25th December), Boxing Day (26th December), Easter – Good Friday and ANZAC Day.

Your Health & Safety

We care for your health. On sign up and attendance for every class, it is your responsibility to make sure that as an individual:

  • You are in good physical condition. The use of our reformers is heavily reliant on your physical performance. If you have uncertainty on whether you can perform on our reformers it is your duty to either withdraw from the class or inform an instructor.
  • You have no medical conditions that can hinder active exercise or cause hindered health

Our instructors and staff are not medically trained, we are qualified to instruct and maintain an individual’s physical exercise without risking your health, safety or comfort. Our instructors have the right to refuse you in a class if there is evidence of physical inability or any detrimental health issues that can affect other clients in the studio.

It will not be our responsibility if you detriment your own health with continued attendance of our classes.

We strongly recommend seeking a medical expert for advice if there are concerns about the use of Reformer Pilates machines. 

We also recommend that all beginners take the introductory classes.

We do not recommend you attend class if you:

  1. Are ill and are in a position that is contagious to others
  2. Have a health risk that is detrimental to others.

If masks are enforced by the government for our health and safety, S Reformer Pilates will still operate as normal. A medical certificate or exemption letter will be required if a mask cannot be worn. Class packs will not be extended during this time unless medical documentation is provided.

Privacy Policy

  1. Membership agreement between the individual and S Reformer Pilates.
  2. We respect strict client to owner confidentiality, in which your information will only be exposed through MindBody and business-related transactions e.g. payment. Instructors do not have access to bank details and will only be exposed to class bookings.
  3. We do not take responsibility for your payments. It is your responsibility that your payment details are up to date. 
  4. Please keep contact details up to date, it will be your responsibility to contact us in any changes of personal details e.g. address, phone number, email, bank accounts, credit/debit card information for payment. This also includes any physical health matters.

Age Requirements – How old do you have to be?

  • You must be minimum 18 years old to become a member of S Reformer Pilates or be able to attend any classes

Bringing guests to the Studio

  • Guests are allowed to wait in the designated waiting area in the studio. 
  • We do not take any responsibility for children – we are lenient in our post-partum classes in which newborns/babies are allowed, however, it is your responsibility in childminding business
  • We highly recommend to not bring children to the space, especially those under 10

Media Use 

We will be using the studio as a promotional space; filming and photographs will be conducted in some classes exposing you in the background. In signing our membership and entering the studio space you are agreeing to:

  1. Allowing the use of film of photographs from staff to promote the business and any business-related material 
  2. Any issues will be brought to the staff immediately and we will try to accommodate your issues
  3. Self- promoting is encouraged but be mindful for others in the building

Clothing – What to wear 

  • It is a requirement to wear socks on the Reformer machine
  • Shoes will be asked to be taken off
  • Please wear comfortable clothing to be able to exercise in
  • We recommended bringing a small towel to wipe off any perspiration 

Courtesy Rules

  1. Please arrive 5-10minutes before class starts
  2. Attend at your designated class time
  3. Phone use should be kept to the minimum, please keep your phones on silent to not disrupt the class.
  4. Photographs can be taken, please ask and be respectful of others, if they request no photos adhere to their wishes
  5. You will be asked after every class to give the reformer a quick wipe for hygiene purposes

Equipment and Studio Facilities

  1. In regard to using the Reformer or any equipment within the studio, you will be instructed on proper use of the reformer, please respect the equipment and if there are any uncertainties to notify an instructor.
  2. Any damage to equipment due to negligence will be your responsibility. You will be liable to cost of repair or replacement.  
  3. We do not have lockers available onsite; we have shelves installed to keep your belongings on; it is your responsibility to make sure that all belongings are kept safely. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of your belongings in the studio
  4. Parking at the studio onsite is at your own risk. We are not liable for the loss of contents or damage to your vehicle
  5. You will be refused entry or asked to leave the premises if any disrespectful behaviour is shown towards our instructors and other clients.
  6. Continued disrespectful behaviour will result in a warning and cancelled membership with no refunds.
  7. We do not condone negative behaviour. You will face cancellation and be asked to leave the studio if you are acting and behaving in a way that is putting others in danger such as:
    1. Harassing others in the building, verbally and physically
    2. Purposely damaging the equipment in the studio
    3. Using illegal drugs or alcohol within the building
  8. CCTV is installed in the studio, any criminal activity will be recorded and reported to local authorities.
  9. S Reformer Pilates is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings while you attend class. S Reformer Pilates does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen personal property.

Legal Waiver

If a court finds that any part of our terms and conditions, or our agreements become illegal or void it does not invalidate the rest of the agreements. If we do not enforce the rights, we have under the terms and conditions it does not mean we will not in the future.

S Reformer Pilates has the right to review, amend and update the Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy. Changes will take effect on the website and updated/posted. 

Any Problems? 

Please do not hesitate to email info@sreformerpilates.com for any questions or details.

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