We are excited to put our creativity to work, and create lasting bonds with more Pilates loving people out there in our SRP community !



Angela has been teaching Pilates for 12 years and has recently completed her latest course being her diploma in Pilates.

She is friendly, outgoing and ready to help you achieve your Pilates goals.



Ebony, a locally Perth girl who has been doing Reformer Pilates for 3 years.

It changed her body for the better and she just HAD to become an instructor to help others feel the same way!! She is a full-time Engineer but her spare time is filled with Pilates, Cycling, Boxing, Friends, Travel and Food! She loves a burn and challenge in a fun, positive environment. Come along to her classes if you really want to feel that burn and get a whole body work out whilst having fun!



Elle, who taught Pilates for more than a year now and her love for it grows each and every day!

She brings a fun, energetic vibe to every exercise session and flow she does! she thrives on helping others smash their goals, push their limits, and accomplish what they once thought was impossible through weekly progress and training. She also loves connecting with people on a personal level and working together to achieve big things!



Melissa is a Remedial Massage Therapist and has a passion for Pilates.

My name is Melissa and I have been a Remedial Massage Therapist for almost 20 years. I love studying the human body and learning ways on how to make it feel stronger, function better and reduce pain. I came across Pilates years ago, as I have always worked with physiotherapists and have seen and felt the benefits myself on how Pilates can make you feel more energized, while improving flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and most of all help with general aches and pains. I love to teach Pilates to everyone and everybody and help them to create fearless movement whilst having fun at the same time. Plus I learnt it’s more fun to get messy, just try and give it a go, and there is no such thing as “Perfect Pilates”



Gianna is a passionate Pilates instructor who has been teaching for over three years. Practising Pilates for a very long time, she knew from the beginning that Pilates was for her. Truly believing that Pilates is for everyone and everybody regardless of age or fitness level. Gianna loves to encourage and challenge her clients so that they can discover how much their bodies are truly capable of.

“I find it rewarding when my clients become passionate about their practice and come back time and time again. I also love that they leave class feeling challenged but also stretched and refreshed, having found that little time out of their day to really connect with their bodies.

I am so grateful to have found a job that I am so passionate about, that I am able to help others move their bodies and feel as rewarded in their practice as I do when I have the privilege to teach them!”



Siobhan has been in Perth for 12 years, originally from the UK. She has had a passion for Pilates for over 15 years but fell madly in love with Reformer 3 years ago…. so much so that she knew she wanted to be an instructor. Siobhan loves that Pilates is for ANY-body and is devoted to teaching all bodies to move. 


Instructor & Administrator

As an international competitive cheerleader for over 7 years, Megan wasn’t sure she’d ever find a workout that would target the full body the same way cheerleading did – until she discovered Pilates. She finds Pilates improved her flexibility, strength, and coordination, but most importantly, it leaves you feeling great and sets you up for the rest of the day! She is so excited to start sharing her love for Pilates as an instructor!



Siling left her full-time job as an accountant for 6 years to pursue her passion for Reformer Pilates.

Siling has a deep love for an active and healthy lifestyle, this deep love has led her to open her business. Whenever she has the chance Siling will always journey across the world seeking her other love of travelling. She accepts challenges and pursues it with a positive attitude. Come along to her classes if you want to spread positivity.

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