We are excited to put our creativity to work, and create lasting bonds with more Pilates loving people out there in our SRP community !



Angela has been teaching Pilates for 12 years and has recently completed her latest course being her diploma in Pilates.

She is friendly, outgoing and ready to help you achieve your Pilates goals.



Elle has had years of experience as a Pilates instructor and her love for it grows each and every day!She brings a fun, energetic vibe to every exercise session and flow she does! She thrives on helping others smash their goals, push their limits, and accomplish what they once thought was impossible through weekly progress and training.

“Let’s connect on a personal level and work together to achieve big things!”



As a Pilates trainer for the past 7 years, Bridget’s passion is to help others find movement and exercise that best suits their body and their lifestyle. Bridget has a dance background so expect her classes to flow and keep you moving and grooving!

“Everybody is unique, with their own strength and limitations and I’m here to help you find what’s best for you and your body”



Zoe likes to add playtime to her workouts and keep things light and fun. She loves to work with her clients to push them just that little bit further than they think they can go. Focusing on building up the whole person Zoe aims to build your strength, endurance and resilience so you feel strong, energised and pain free!

“Pilates is for everyone. It’s a time to be kind in challenging yourself and your limits, honour your body and move courageously!



Siling left her full-time job as an accountant for 6 years to pursue her passion for Pilates.
Siling has a deep love for an active and healthy lifestyle, this deep love has led her to open her business. Whenever she has the chance Siling will always journey across the world seeking her other love of travelling. She accepts challenges and pursues it with a positive attitude.

“Come along to my classes if you want to spread positivity!”

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