At S Reformer Pilates we have 5 main classes to choose from, each with a differing level and style of training.

We understand that we’re all at different stages in our lives, but we also have similar fitness goals and aspirations. So, with this in mind, we’ve created 5 signature classes. We want to provide an inviting and intimate space, where you can feel calm and confident in performing your exercises. For any concerns, uncertainty, or enquires about the classes please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spirit – Beginner Level

For our SRP Beginners – this is an introduction to the fundamentals of Reformer Pilates… the Spirit of Pilates…

This is our Signature-class tailored specifically to beginners, who have just uncovered the amazing world of pilates, and are in need of a helping hand to guide them through Reformer use. It’s also a great place for regular members to ‘bring it back to basics…’

One of our qualified trainers’ will introduce you to some basic stretching and Reformer exercises, and allow you to progress in a safe place, under their watchful eye. Our Spirit classes are offered 4 times a week so you can find times that suit your schedule.

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Sweat & Sweat Jump – Intermediate Cardio

For our SRP Intermediates – this is the class for the already exposed, taking it up a notch…

This is our intense class tailored to our experienced members who want to add a Cardio element to their training. Our trainers program this class with Sweat in mind, sometimes using tempo, weights, springs, repetitions or the jump-board to achieve the goal….

This workout will get your heart pumping, and the sweat pouring! Sweat classes are offered at 4.30pm on Wednesday with Elle.

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Stretch – Mobility – All Levels

For our entire SRP Family – this is the class for anyone seeking to Stretch those muscles and improve Mobility…

This class is tailored to those wanting to steadily improve their mobility and flexibility in a safe environment, under qualified trainer supervision. Perfect for everyone, including our senior members, or those who may have just recovered from an injury. Our trainers will take you through a smooth flow that will target trigger points in the body.

This class will leave you feeling lighter, invigorated and relieved of tension. Stretch-Mobility classes are offered at 9.30 Monday with Angela.

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Classic – Intermediate Level

For our SRP Intermediates – this is the class that takes those fundamental moves to the next level….

This class is specifically tailored to those who seek the next challenge in their SRP journey…. All exercises in this class have the ability to be adapted to meet your strength and skill level, from those just moving from Spirit classes to those heading towards the advanced level – our trainer is on standby to offer a ‘layer’ of the exercise that suits you.

This class is a great chance to improve your training day-by-day, with multiple classes offered 7 days a week, there are no excuses to become an expert!!

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Private Classes

New to Pilates? Looking to refine and master your skills? Don’t like working out in a group? Take a Private Class at SRP today!

One of our trained instructors will tailor a class specifically to your experience level and fitness goals. We recommend a private class if you’re brand new to Reformer Pilates as it will familiarise you with the reformer and teach you the fundamentals of Pilates. If you’re not wanting to start alone, we also offer 2:1 privates. Get in contact to book your Private today!

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Corporation Classes

Our schedule not working for you or your friends? We can help!

These classes can be booked to suit your schedule and can accommodate up to 11 clients. Now you can get that Pilates burn whenever you like! Get in contact today to organise a class!

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