What do I bring to my class?
Please bring a water bottle and a pair of GRIP socks. If you forget, grip socks can be purchased from the front desk for $20. Please wear anything you are comfortable working out in.

We have Frank Green 20oz ceramic reusable water bottles available to purchase in the studio for $49.95

Where are we located?
We are located at 3/272 Canning Highway, Como. Parking is available out the front of the studio on Hobbs Ave.

What time should I arrive to the studio?
Please aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to your class starting. This will allow you enough time to make yourself comfortable before class starts. You can also use this time to let your instructor know of any injuries/pain you may have.

Please be on time! It is extremely disruptive to the whole class and instructor if you are arriving late. The class will commence on time whether you are present or not. If you are more than 15 minutes late, instructors hold the right to refuse entry to class.

Can I do reformer Pilates if I’m pregnant?
You sure can! Our instructors are trained to provide prenatal modifications for clients, needed once you are over 13 weeks. We just request that you let us know when booking so your instructor has plenty of time to plan a safe workout for you. 

Can I do reformer Pilates if I’m injured?
We believe Pilates is perfect for all your aches and pains and you will leave class feeling great! However, if you have a physical injury, we request you obtain a medical clearance to exercise to ensure you are outside of tissue healing times. We want to keep you safe! If you experience any chronic pain, or even just wake up feeling a bit off, just let your instructor know so they can provide appropriate modifications for you if needed.

How do I book?
All classes must be booked in advance. Classes are regularly full so we cannot guarantee there will be room if you show up without booking.

Class bookings can be made through the S Reformer Pilates app, and our website They can also be booked through MindBody.

How do I cancel a booking?
All class cancellations must be done through MindBody, the S Reformer Pilates app or our website. Calling/emailing/texting is not a valid form of cancellation.

We understand life happens so if you need to cancel a class, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please be courteous to our other clients, we only have 11 reformers and if your booking is reserving one of them, someone else might miss out on their work out!

At S Reformer Pilates, we have an early cancellation window of 6 hours. Any cancellations made less than 6 hours until your booked class, will result in a Late Cancel. If this occurs, a pass will be deducted from your account, meaning you will be charged as if you had attended. This policy also applies for “No Shows”.


How is payment taken?
Payment is made through either a Weekly or Monthly direct debit with your card that is stored on MindBody. You can update your card information through our website at any point if you need to. Payment is taken at 12:01am on your specific day/date. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account so this transaction can run smoothly. Any unsuccessful payments will result in a $10 fee being applied to your next payment.

Membership Cycle
Membership will automatically renew every 3 months. Any cancellation requests need to be made 2 weeks in advance.

Anyone on a discounted lock-in-contract membership will have their membership automatically renewed after the 6-month term. Please contact us if you do not wish for it to be renewed.

We request at least 2 week’s notice for termination of memberships. However, we understand some things can’t be controlled so please get in contact for an urgent immediate termination. Examples of this may include medical reasons or a family emergency.

Membership example: if you’re on a GOLD Monthly Membership, you have 12 classes to use over a month. You can attend them all at the start of the month or spread them over the month, the choice is yours. If you are having any trouble booking in, please send us an email and we will help you out.

Still have more questions? Send us an email

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